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Hi everyone,

I would like some help with the Microsoft API Graph - Teams product. I'm creating a new app in my Azure Directory to be able to interact with the Teams and groups that exists within this directory. I was able to create a group, some users, a team and some channels via API. I was wondering if there's any way to generate or get the channel link from any team/channel related endpoint. I saw that from the "me/joinedTeams" details there's a field named webUrl, but it's always empty for any teams I'm in. 


Another thing I was trying to achieve is to get some "pre-authenticated" link for a specific user, with a direct access to a joined team or a team in general. Let me explain this : 

- I'm able to authenticate my app on behalf of a user

- I'm able to refresh and renew authentication via the auth/refresh token for a given user

Now at this point, I can act as a user. But how can I generate/get some sort of deep link or authenticated deep link where anyone ( who possess this link ) can click and via this link, be logged as given/chosen user automatically, causing the load/open of the team (web/app) directly with the selected user on the proper/provided team channel?



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Hi @DMarcolo ,


So in terms of getting the Channel link for a Channel of a Team:

GET /teams/{TeamId}

GET /teams/{TeamId}/channels


And to specify a link that will take you within a Channel of a Team an example is shown here:


And have a play at:







Thanks @henryarphillips365 , 

now I see/have the team link and channel link correctly!


What about "pre-authenticated" link ? 

Is there a way to generate a pre-authenticated link that overtake the SignIn process?

Like: I want to generate, via API, a link for a specific user that point to a specific team/team channel. Clicking on this link user will be auto LoggedIn to the given Team. I know that API is mainly meant to process things "backend" and is not a standard flow, but this might be an expected process. Since I'm able to act on behalf of a user I should be able to give him a fast way to directly log in into Teams without doing a LogIn every time ( eventually with a limited time frame to do this "auto login" ).


Does the API have something to achieve this ?




Hi @DMarcolo ,

The best I can do is refer you to:


You could also try reaching out to one of the Microsoft Graph team by way of Twitter too.






Thanks again @henryarphillips365 , 

unfortunately there's nothing about "authenticated deep link" on API endpoints that: authenticates a user with a simple link/url auto-generated by API. I know I can set up SSO and similar, but still this solutions won't allows me to create a ref/url like this using the API :<team>/conversations?groupId=<group>&tenantId=<tenant>&<SPECIAL_T... 

that is capable to authenticate the user who clicks it and directly LogIn into Teams ( using webapp or app). User still need to do the authentication himself