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For some reason Teams keeps creating a folder called General for a all teams I'm a member of. This is really annoying as it gets replicated on a sharepoint site where we don't want a folder call General. If the folder is deleted it reappears (is created by me) when I log into teams. How can I stop this from happening?

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Hi @AI_birder ,


Afraid there is nothing we can do about that. By default a folder is created in the Standard "Documents" library in the SharePoint site for each channel. 


For formal document management I don't use the "Documents" library I create other document libraries to save it getting clogged up with any document or image that gets attached to a Team chat.


Hope that helps



Andrew is correct, this is not wrong and it works like this by design

@Juan Carlos González Martínis there a way to untie the Teams & SharePoint connection? I don't want to have the site connected to Teams anymore and I don't want this random General folder in our documents directory.


The last time I tried removing the Teams connection I ended up deleting the entire SharePoint site. Can you provide guidance?

@ChemicalEngineer the supported way would be to remove the Team which removes the associated SharePoint site. Then re-create a SharePoint site from SharePoint Home (if enabled by your admin)


Every time you create a Team it creates an Office 365 Group which in turn spins up a SharePoint site collection. This is all by design.


@Juan Carlos González Martín 

This is accurate information (General is created) but it's so 'wrong' in every way - who ever wants a folder called 'General'? Surely this is wrong on every level! Microsoft policy is mindblowingly incomprehensible on this sort of thing. Do you use 'General' folders?