General Channels is missing

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The general Channel is missing from my Team. It's not listed in the left pane, but it's shown if I go to the 

manage team option and the "channels" tab. Then I can see it.

In some other Teams groups, I DO see the general channel, but I cannot see other channels that I have created.


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Do you have the problem in all the Teams clients (Desktop, Web, Mobile) or just in one of them? If this is a general problem, open a support ticket so Microsoft can take a look at what can be happening
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As Juan said, sounds like a cache issue to me, sign out of whatever client you are in, and sign back in so it updates the cache and see if the issue resolves itself.

Signed out and in, tried the web version of teams on another PC. Still the same. But you are right in that it seems like a cache issue because other users in the tenant do see the folders correctly. I just don't know what to do to "clear the cache". 

I am experiencing the same issue on the "web, desktop app and mobile". I have logged a job with Microsoft to further look. In my case I did not delete the team cache folder, I renamed it teams folder to "Teams_old" and a new Teams folder was generated after I logged in. However, I am still having this issue. Just wondering if anything fixed it for you or if MS support did.