Gender (VoiceID) of an Auto Attendant

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Hi all,


I was able to change the VoiceID of the Auto Attendant using the following code:


$AutoAttendant = Get-CSAutoAttendant -Idenitity %id%
$AutoAttendant.VoiceId = 'Male'
Set-CSAutoAttendant -Instande %id%


The gender change is succesfull. But the voice is not changed when I call the number.

Can it be, that the male voice is not support in the used language [nl-NL]? Or do I have to wait 24 hours...


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try to change any settings from the portal in the AA save and check if the voice will be a female voice.
The voice is female, I want to change it to male. And in the portal I do not see any settings regarding the gender of the voice.

sorry i meant male if you run this command what that your seiing in the details of the voice id ?

Get-CSAutoAttendant -Instande %id%

The relevant information given by Get-CSAutoAttendant
LanguageId : nl-NL
VoiceId : Male


Is there a list of which LanguageId is supporting Female / Male text2speech. That would be awesome...

ok now just try to modify any setting on this AA and save it and test it to see if the voice will be male. if its worked just roll back the change
Just to clarify,

Starting situation
with VoiceId set to female the voice is female
change VoiceId to male, the voice is still female
Now you want me to change it back to female to check if its male?

Doesn't make sense, does it :p
no i am asking to change anything in the AA and save the AA and try the voice sometimes the AA changes won't affect unless to save it from the portal.

That sounds Microsoftish... Will try!


Just tried,
Changed the text, changed timezone, but still a female voice.

give it 24 hours and try it.

@eliekarkafy Still no luck.. AA is set on Male, but Voice is female.


Really think that male is not supported with the dutch language. You know if there is a list with supported voices on certain langages?

what if you witch the language to English, the male voice come up?
Here’s the full list which should help you identify if you’re using any affected languages.

LanguageId LanguageName VoiceId
ar-EG Arabic (Egypt) Female
ar-SA Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Female
bg-BG Bulgarian (Bulgaria) Female
ca-ES Catalan (Spain) Female
cs-CZ Czech (Czech) Male
cy-GB Welsh (United Kingdom) Female
da-DK Danish (Denmark) Female
de-AT German (Austria) Female
de-CH German (Switzerland) Male
de-DE German (Germany) Female
el-GR Greek (Greek) Female
en-AU English (Australia) Male
en-CA English (Canada) Male
en-GB English (United Kingdom) Male
en-IE English (Ireland) Male
en-IN English (India) Male
en-PH English (Philippines) Male
en-US English (United States) Male
en-ZA English (South Africa) Female
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Female
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Female
et-EE Estonian (Estonia) Female
fi-FI Finnish (Finland) Female
fr-BE French (Belgium) Female
fr-CA French (Canada) Female
fr-CH French (Switzerland) Female
fr-FR French (France) Female
he-IL Hebrew (Israel) Male
hi-IN Hindi (India) Female
hr-HR Croatian (Croatia) Female
hu-HU Hungarian (Hungary) Female
id-ID Indonesian (Indonesia) Female
it-IT Italian (Italy) Female
lt-LT Lithuanian (Lithuania) Male
lv-LV Latvian (Latvia) Female
ja-JP Japanese (Japan) Female
ko-KR Korean (Korea) Female
nb-NO Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway) Female
nl-BE Dutch (Belgium) Female
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) Female
pl-PL Polish (Poland) Female
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Female
pt-PT Portuguese (Portugal) Female
ro-RO Romanian (Romania) Female
ru-RU Russian (Russia) Female
sk-SK Slovak (Slovakia) Male
sl-SI Slovenian (Slovenia) Female
sv-SE Swedish (Sweden) Female
th-TH Thai (Thai) Female
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) Female
vi-VN Vietnamese (Vietnam) Female
zh-CN Chinese (Simplified, PRC) Female
zh-HK Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong S.A.R.) Female
zh-TW Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) Female
"nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) Female", no male voice supported.
Seems that none of the languages is supporting both genders. Strange. Can you give me the source of this list?
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When Googling on "nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) Female" there is just 1 hit:


There is a PowerShell-cmdlet to check the supported voices:

Get-CsAutoAttendantSupportedLanguage -Identity "nl-NL"

Id                     : nl-NL
DisplayName            : Dutch (Netherlands)
Voices                 : {ColetteNeural, FennaNeural, MaartenNeural}
VoiceResponseSupported : False


Gonna check this out! Thanks! 

here is the link written by a Microsoft MVP as well

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