Gallery Views for Guests in a Meeting

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I work at a University and majority of the people we work with do not have Teams.  We often create meetings and share the link so they can join as a guest.  When we do this, the guests can only see the person speaking on their screen.  Is there a way or upcoming feature that allows Guests to have access to Gallery View to see more/all people in a meeting?

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@henryarphillips365  Thanks  Henry!  I guess my follow up question is--can people using the web app see gallery view?  We don't want our outside guests to have to download Teams and just access the meeting in the web app.

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Hi @lindsaybarbeau 


No worries, worth also double checking this:


As if not on a supported browser there are further limitations.


Below are limitations in supported browsers, which differ per browser.


Basically for me you will get the best experience in Edge Chromium but I am biased :)


As for the Gallery view in web, I don't think there is an option like say in the new meeting experience of the Desktop client.


There is this User Voice that might be worth a vote:


Also checked the Road Map and no dice as of yet.







@henryarphillips365  You have been so incredibly helpful!  I have been searching this forum for help which is why I finally posted.  THANK YOU!