Full Screen not working correctly with Power BI app

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I have attempted a few times recently to use full screen to display dashboards created in the Power BI app on the Teams desktop client. Entering full screen mode works perfectly, but once in full screen, there is no option available to leave this mode. Hitting the Esc key will shrink the window to show the Taskbar, but the window will remain borderless and it will be entirely filled by the dashboard. This leaves me unable to leave the Power BI dashboard and go back to view chats, teams, my calendar, etc. The only way I've found to get back to view other areas is to right-click on the teams tab in my Taskbar and click "New Chat," which will take me back to view all of my chats as normal. Other people at my company trying to view the same dashboards are having the same issue. This doesn't feel like something that was intended, but I can't find any information on this issue or how to resolve it anywhere. Am I just missing the button to leave full screen somewhere? If anyone knows of an intended way to change the view back to windowed correctly, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Confirming same issue. I always encourage people to view our PowerBi reports in Teams. Noticed they added the PowerBi service menus at the top in the Teams PowerBi app. Not sure I like that, but on the fence. The full screen feature in Teams app is very cool, but I can't get back either. I actually go to task bar and quit Teams and start again. Arghhh. Hope they fix fast else it will frustrate people who may otherwise prefer accessing reports in the service which I think is far too heavy especially for Executives. Stuff like this prevents faster adoption of Teams. I fight the good fight though.
Also confirming this issue. When viewing a PowerBI report through Teams in full screen, there is a 'minimize' icon on a toolbar at the bottom of the page. However, if Esc is pressed to exit full screen view, MS teams taskbars disappear and the application must be restarted.

I am not seeing the 'minimize' icon when Power BI is open in full screen in Teams; I see this option in the bottom-left corner next to the arrows to change the tab when using the web client but not on the desktop client.

I have the same issue. If I exit a report while in fullscreen, there is no way to exit fullscreen, and therefore there is no way to access any other apps within Teams. There are 3 workarounds:

1. Right-clicking teams in the taskbar and selecting "New Chat"
2. Closing the Teams process.
3. Re-entering a report and hitting Escape to exit fullscreen mode and then leaving the report.
Confirming same issue and we are using the same workaround (New Chat). We have raised with Microsoft who can reproduce the error on their end and are now investigating. Update to follow.