Fowarding External Meetings

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We work on a hybrid environment

Almost all functions of the teams are ok, but we have an issue.


If any external contact creates a meeting, and marks someone of our organization, and that marked person forwards the meeting for someone more in our organization, that last person cant join the meeting. The join button is missing on that meet calendar.


Anyone have any idea of what can solve this?



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Is the issue happens when all the users in the Tenant are trying to forward the meeting invites to different users within the org then below could be the problem

Seems like the configuration issue on Microsoft Exchange configuration causing the changes in the Microsoft Teams Meeting Invitation. We might need to evaluate which Exchange processing rule is causing the problems.

If only one user when the user is forwarding the meeting invitation, then that is more specific users computer/mailbox/mobile device that could be causing the issue with the Microsoft Teams Meeting invites.

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