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Is there a possibility in teams that calls are automatically forwarded only when the user is offline?
My colleagues who work part-time must set up call forwarding manually when they finished work. If they are working but just busy at that moment the calls should not be forwarded.

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Hi @Christian_San,


your colleague could configure that unanswered calls get forwared but increase the timer up to 60 seconds before it gets forwarded. There's no other option here to be set.


Alternatively, you could create a calling policy in the Teams Admin Center which enables Busy on Busy, assign it to your colleague, only to this colleague which will give the calleer a busy tone as long as your colleague is busy in meetings, another call or else. If you combine both "if unanswered" and busy on busy it can help. Although there is no setting to only forward a call if the user, your colleague is offline, as far as I know.


Example: How to enable busy on busy Busy on busy in Microsoft Teams – erik's blog (

Tank you @Erik365Online for your reply.

It's not necessarily what I wanted to hear, but it's what I expect.

I think Microsoft have still a lot to do to improve Teams.