Forward calls from Call Queues to group

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Is this possible we can create one call queue and multiple agents are added into the group when first person is not available then automatically call has been divert to second agent and ring "the call has been forwarded" and caller phone will appear on the forward call as well.


is this is not possible to call queue let me help to know the other option as well.


For User level i have already tested and its works but i want to do via call queue or auto attendend.

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@Shantanu0511 You can define a call queue to have serial routing, where it will attempt to connect to your users in the order you provide, but I'm not really sure if that's what you are asking for.


A call to a call queue isn't a call to a user, the call queue has it's own number. It's not going to show it was forwarded. Perhaps you want a Call Group which allows a user to define a list of people that will receive their calls if they are not available?