Forward calls from Call Queues to external number defined in Microsoft Teams

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What is required, that calls from a call queue will be forwarded to external phone number defined by the user in his/her Microsoft Teams App. 


We have call queues to reach our support teams. Microsoft Teams rings on assigned group members if the external number is called. However, calls are not forwarded to a mobile or a landline phone number configured by the user in the Microsoft Teams App.  


The call forwarding to a mobile or a landline phone number works, when the user is called on her/his personal assigned phone number in the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre. 



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Hi @JuergMeier4131  I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but there is an open item in Uservoice that is being planned.  You might want to vote on it: Call Queues should follow call forward settings – Welcome to UserVoice!

@ThereseSolimeno. Thank you for the hint. It is was I am asking. Let's see what "planned" means. The post will have its first anniversary this month. 

Hi @JuergMeier4131 I've asked the UV team to give us an update on this.  I'll post it here when I get it.