Forward calls from Call Queues to external number defined in Microsoft Teams

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What is required, that calls from a call queue will be forwarded to external phone number defined by the user in his/her Microsoft Teams App. 


We have call queues to reach our support teams. Microsoft Teams rings on assigned group members if the external number is called. However, calls are not forwarded to a mobile or a landline phone number configured by the user in the Microsoft Teams App.  


The call forwarding to a mobile or a landline phone number works, when the user is called on her/his personal assigned phone number in the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre. 



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Hi @JuergMeier4131  I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but there is an open item in Uservoice that is being planned.  You might want to vote on it: Call Queues should follow call forward settings – Welcome to UserVoice!

@ThereseSolimeno. Thank you for the hint. It is was I am asking. Let's see what "planned" means. The post will have its first anniversary this month. 

Hi @JuergMeier4131 I've asked the UV team to give us an update on this.  I'll post it here when I get it.

Is there any updates on this from Microsoft, Have checked and voted, Currently we have after hours support teams in need to be able to divert queues to mobiles and do not have the option :(
Does any one know if the call Queue forwarding issue has been fixed or is this still an issue. I need to do this and i can forward a call queue to an internal or external phone number
@Jeff_Hicok, Unfortunately we did not have any luck with MS but we have given them a business case. The only option we had was to look at Anywhere365 a non MS product.
My issue was fixed by applying my pstn direct routing policy to the call queue resource acount. Then I could forward it to an external number via teams client setting or direct via call queue settings. If you weren't using direct routing you would need to apply a calling plan
So you said that If I assign calling plan to the resource accoint of the call queue, I will able to forward agent's call to their mobile phone? Or it just enable the forwarding to one external number for the call queue?



Hi all

We are struggling with this issue but only since last friday (11.02.2022). Before it was working fine for us.

Any news?

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Can you give more details on this? What PS line did you use? Thanks.


It was all done through the teams admin center, and the users Team client, You send it to the users account and then the user set their teams client to forward to external number. You could do the same thing by sending it directly to external number

I’m having trouble to setup, what I believe belongs to this topic.
What am i missing?
Here is my test-scenario:
Incoming Call -> AutoAttendant(with main number assigned) -> CallQueue(without a number) with 1 User(with number) assigned to CallQueue:

1. If the User is logged in, and available:
->Pickup Call
2. If the User is logged in, but Forwarding is set on his Client (Windows-App or Android-Phone) (to other TeamsAccount in same Company with Assigned Number or External Number):
-> Forward to who ever is set in the Users Forwarding.

The 1. Part works fine, the 2. Part not. User still gets called.
I have assigned the pstn direct routing policy to the callqueue resource account. But it still wont redirect the call to the set user.

What am I missing?
I do the same think with call queue going to a user. The only difference is I have a phone number associated to the call queue resource account.

I assigned a number to the ResourceAccount of the CallQueue and waited for about 4h, unfortunately this did not work for me...

give it up to 24 hours. I have seen some changes take minutes and other take a day plus before it replicates the changes. Also make sure you resoureaccount has the direct routing policy asinged to it.
I have also applied the 'OnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy' to the resource account and call forwarding settings on the agents that are members of the call queue are ignored.
i have the same problem here. call forwarding is just ignored when the call is from a CQ.
CQ has a licence, a number and a policy. still looking to resolve this, but if it is like my other cases, i'm not hopeful

I raised this with their support and here is part of the response I received:

From your description, we do understand that you are trying to set up call forwarding for your Call Queue (CQ) agents but the calls from the CQ are not being forwarded. I just wanted to kindly inform you that this feature is currently not available as it is limited by the design of the product. The issue has already been summited to the Microsoft feedback portal and you may cast your vote so that product engineering may consider implementing this feature in the future. To cast your vote, kindly refer to this link


What I have done though is shorten the 'call timeout handling' on the call queue, and add an external number as a backup in case the teams clients are not called as this does not always work.