Forms results automatically posting daily in General Posts

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I am using a form in teams and it automatically posts the results daily and I would like to stop the posts



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There is a flow setup for it to send the updates of the form as a post to Microsoft Teams, you can simply go to Flow/PowerAutomate section and disable/delete that flow.

Here is how to login and check the flow, signing, and if you have setup the flow or if it is shared with you, then you will be able to delete or tweak changes but if it is created by others with in your org you might not see it.
I also have same issue. The daily form update was not created from flow.

@Phototim05 there is an end date option for your form in settings. you may need to set that up


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I have the same problem, but i dont want to end the form as i want to still receive the results, is there a way to turn off the daily summary? and remove these old posts from it? its been on for a month now, and its filling up my channel chat with pointless posts that i dont want to see.

@Phototim05I finally worked out the solution after many unsuccessful attempts to find instructions online!

In teams, go to the channel that has the issue. In the channel list, click the more options button for that channel, then connectors.



Once in the connectors screen, click configured on the left menu(1). Expand the configured list (2), then click manage (3)



This will open the forms options. Select the problem form, then press remove. This will stop the notifications, but will not affect the form.



You may need to be either the team owner or the person who set up the connection to do this.