forms notification not sending to anyone in the group

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Set up a group forms, and checked to receive notification. None of the owner of the MS Team got any email notification


Also there is no

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Hi @huimingoh

By default the response goes to the form designer not the Team owner. However, still I have heard many people still have an issue with this functionality.

I would personally use a flow in order to notify the right people that a response has been submitted

I find these work much better and as required.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
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@Christopher Hoard @huimingoh


See the solution here to get it working :


Once you complete the steps wait about 30 mins for everything to Sync, before testing.


Great spot - just tested and that works out well.

Best, Chris

@Yohan_Turner Do you have another link or a snapshot of what that page said? It returns 404 today. The Way Back Machine doesn't have that page archived.


I prefer a native solution vs a Flow workaround, as the latter is one more thing to maintain.

@Christopher Hoard Any idea how I can set that up for Forms created within a Group i.e. a Team? 

I need to know this, too. Did you find a solution?

@Christopher Hoard That was very helpful, thank you.