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My form does not update the excel sheet when new responses are submitted. I was expecting a live connection that would update the excel, as the form received new responses. 


The excel has been added to (for example formulas, added columns, and hidden columns). 


Is there a way to update without creating a new excel each time, and therefor losing the formatting that has been added.

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@sdavidson Yes, but start from an Excel file in Teams, from the Insert Menu you can add a form to a specific sheet. This form will update a table on that sheet each time someone submits, and you can add your own columns with calcutations. Sometimes it takes a few minutes.


You can then share the link to the form however you like, choose it as a tab, post a message, send it by email etc. 

@Steven Collier Thank you, this seemed to work initially. However, today, we are back to square one. The original excel will not update and I know longer see Forms on the Insert tab, where yesterday I was able to view, edit, and share the form from that tab.

Any insight on keeping it connected?

@sdavidson The one I set up to verify is still working.


The only reason I can see that Forms wouldn't appear on the insert menu would be while you have it open in the desktop app rather than the browser/Teams. You can only add these forms in the web client for Excel. I guess if you have it open in an older version of Excel then new data couldn't be inserted as the file becomes locked.

Thank you. I can still see the forms now, but when I click the form, it now says New Form as my only option. Would it break if I tried to sync a new excel? Should I try the process again?