Forms in a Private Channel in Teams

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When do you think the Forms app will be supported in a private channel as a tab?
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Hi @srickman

They are currently actively working on it per article

Currently, private channels support connectors and tabs (except Stream, Planner, and Forms). We're working on full apps support for private channels, including messaging extensions and bots.

So this is currently in the works. But no confirmed timescale as of yet.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris
have you tried to just add the form url to a website tab. It works fairly similar to having the form tab.
Thanks for the link to a more recent article. I had researched and found something back in November about it not being supported. I was just curious on a time frame. Thank you.
Thank you for the idea! I don't know if it will behave the way I want it to though. I need the database for the form to live inside the Sharepoint files for that private channel.
You can always use flow to move the responses into the private channel files. But as far as the form itself being a team form and private, I honestly wouldn't count on that happening, and if it does it won't be for a long time, because complete overhaul of permissions would have to happen on the forms side of the fence for it to work right.

@Chris WebbOk, that is good to know. Thank you for the tip. I will try a Flow and what happens. :smile:

Tried it and seems to work well for me @Chris Webb 

@Chris Webb  thanks mate!!! i'm doing that way

@Christopher Hoard how is this progressing?

@Chris Webb 

thanks, it really helped me a lot.

@Chris Webb How do you add a URL at the top of a private channel? Is there an app for that?

Yeah, the Website app.

13 Months later and still "working on full apps support for private channels". That's very disappointing.

@Christopher Hoard is there any progress on this work?

@Chris Webb Best answer, works perfectly! Thank you!

@Christopher Hoard  Do you know if MS is making any progress with this? Thanks! Angela

Did this ever get done? It is now 2021 and I am unable to add a Form to a Private Channel?@Christopher Hoard 

After 1 year and a half, is a no-update a sort of "reply"?
There is a Uservoice item on this but it doesn't have many votes. The features team prioritizes its workload partially based on user feedback, so it's worth voting on