Formatting approval request details for Teams


Hi All,


I'm creating an approval workflow, and have hit a formatting issue with the new "Approvals in Microsoft Teams" feature.


Based on the approvals-markdown-support documentation, Teams supports a minimal amount of markdown, basically only new lines and lists, however entering the text below does not work (note {space} indicates an actual space)



testing to see{space}{space}
how these come through{space}{space}
via teams{space}{space}



The email that approvals sends is correctly formatted, however the Teams output is a single, un-formatted line.


Any ideas on getting formatting to work?




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As a bit of an update, I've blocked the Approvals app in Teams as we couldn't get the messages formatted, and figured users would be confused by both the Teams message, and the email message sent shortly after.


One thing I noticed while blocking the app is that it's version 1.0.0, however a screenshot in Teams Approvals app availability has it at version 1.8.2 - how do i upgrade, or is that automagic?


I'm facing a similar issue. Markdown only formats for the email but not the Teams Notification. Is there any way we can do it? If no.. How do I disable the teams notification?
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Same here. None of the formatting options for approval requests work in Teams client. I really hope that this will be supported soon. Otherwise the decision is either to avoid markdown or the Teams Approval App. Very sad.... 

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@hakat0809 , if you have access to the Teams admin portal, you can block the app from there, that’s what I’ve ended up doing until it’s fixed.