Folder created under Sharepoint can't be seen in Teams

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Hi there,

I have the following situation:

I created a Group under Teams. A colleague created a folder under it via Sharepoint, that is, under the same group.

The folder cannot be seen in Teams but all the folders created via Teams can be seen in Sharepoint.

How can I see the folder in Teams?




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@dmiranda When a folder is created on the root level of the SharePoint site it does not have a corresponding channel in the Team. You must create the folders within a "Channel Folder" in order for them to be visible from/in Teams.

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@dmiranda Hey! I've read about this "workaround" but have never tried it myself "you can make them show up (in Teams) by manually creating a channel in Teams with the EXACT same name". Let me know if it works!


Hopefully these issues with be solved when SPO and Teams fully reflect one another. Maybe when this completed and merged with similar requests!

Hello, I also confirm that creating a channel in Teams with the exact same name as the SP folder, does work. Thank you, this was very useful!

I tried this and it did not work. @tlc718 

This worked for me too, thanks for the workaround!
The 'workaround' of creating a channel in the MS Teams team with the exact same name as the folder in SharePoint worked for me. The folder content is all still there and now visible in teams channel. Thanks.