Flow tabs in Teams Channel - No flows can be found

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Hi all,


I have added a Flow Tab to my Team Channel. When I click on the Flow tab, it says "You don't have any flows".

However, I do have some flows already created in the Flow Portal. 


How can I link my flows so that they can appear on my Flow Tab?

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Hi @null null

Having tested this today, flows created in channels within the Flow Tab don't appear there even if you create them from new within the tab within the channel. There isn't a way to move them their either - whilst I converted a few personal flows to teams flows they didn't appear their either

However, they do appear in the personal app (open and pin Flow on the left hand app bar). There they will appear as Team Flows if you create them as new in the flow tab

I have raised this as a bug but it may very well be by design

If you want to take this further, then I would raise a support ticket referencing this behaviour and the bug report above on Uservoice.

Hope that helps to answer your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Hey Chris, thank you for your detailed reply!


Yeah what you mentioned is exactly my experience when I tested.

Yes, I am able to see my flows when using the personal flow app in MS Teams.


I'm not sure if this is a bug or feature. This does seems to make the existence of a flow tab within a Team Channel quite pointless.


I think I will stick to using the personal flow app for now. 

Thanks again.

Are there any meaningful updates here?  I can't seem to get a flow added to a channel at all.  I run through the steps to create it and it tests and runs just fine.  Then, I click back into the tab and it tells me "You don't have any flows."  Why?