Five questions - mostly related to contacts and how participants appear - name versus phone number

1. I need guest names to show instead of phone numbers as participants join, a challenge since I may not be able to get all guests to download the app. They may choose to join web version or by phone line only. In all cases whenever someone joins the meeting though I need to be able to quickly identify all participants (inside and outside of my organization) in the meeting for the official minutes and not take crucial time away from the 1-hour meeting line up to do roll calls. Any suggestions?
2. Is there something I can do in advance of the meeting to help identify on my end such as adding to contacts so if someone chooses to dial in only versus selecting the link they will show as participant name and not by phone number?  Any suggestions?
3. Is there suggested training, tip sheets or webinars to help me learn Teams as quickly as possible?
4. We are hearing that when users join by web some are having audio/mic issues, any advise there?
5. Is there a way to disable a participant from recording the meeting in Teams or is this an admin only setting? 
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