First call in teams never with sound

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Hi everyone,

Two of our users are having trouble with teams on their computer. The problem is that whenever they make a call in the first time in teams they receive sound, but they can't hear them on the other end, but once they hanged off the call and reinitiate the call again the issue will not recur, any help on this?

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Hi @ayenco 

I am trying to help an organization who has run into this exact same issue.  Did you ever figure out a way to resolve it?  

@ayenco It'll be either devices or network configuration.


If you do a test using a Teams certified USB headset you can rule out devices pretty quickly, it seems unlikely but worth ruling out.


If that then leaves network, why might these devices be different to others ? Something, perhaps a firewall/NAT is likely not allowing traffic on one direction. If you dig around in the call history views you would see evidence that some data isn't flowing. Can they be connected to a different network, disable any local firewall clients etc. to verify. I've seen it before where load balancing through proxies creates asynchronous routes for data etc.

@ayenco Did you find a solution to the problem?

@armstrongedtech did you manage to resolve it?
FYI, this is STILL an issue. Also, it has never once happened for me when joining a meeting or meeting "now". Only when someone calls me or I call them. I once thought it was something specific to Samsung (it happened on my S22 and S23), but I am seeing it on other Android devices as well now. I can't recall if it has ever happened for me on a Windows 10/11 PC.