First call drops when hanging up on second call


If I am on a Teams call (soft client) and new call is being offered, I'll answer it, which puts the 1st call automatically on hold, when I hang up (or the caller) on the second call, it hangs up my first call. If I go to the first call before I or the caller hangs up on the second call, I am able to resume it.

Anyone experience this before?? Any way to "fix" this?

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Hello Samantha, is this happening with the web or desktop version of Teams?

Hi Andres, desktop version. Have not tested it from web version. But the solution wouldn't be for client to only use web version though.
Can you please describe a little more in detail how is the call being made? is it PSTN? is it a Meeting?
These are PSTN inbound to the user. External caller calls into Teams desktop client, they answer the call. Second PSTN inbound caller, is offered to user, they answer the call, first call goes on hold automatically, when the user ends the second call, the first call automatically hangs up, hence dropping the call.
Example two calls come in one after another….1st call hangs up, and App (with active calls) close too…unable to have anymore call control. This report does not reflect anything that granular….
Reports do not show any detail. Are you able to try to replicate this issue by chance?
Will try to repro
Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce.
What happens if you put a PSTN call on hold for a minute and then try to get back to it?
They are able to pick it back up.
Hello Samantha,
Catching up, did you ever manage to solve this?