Firmware updates on Teams Rooms

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Can anyone confirm if firmware updates for the Teams Rooms devices (e.g. Dell Optiplex IoT) are controlled and updated through the Teams Admin Centre?


I can see from Microsoft documentation that peripherals seem to e.g. iPhones and cameras etc.

Update Microsoft Teams devices remotely - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


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@Simon Smith As far as I am aware, only the firmware for Android-based Teams devices is controlled through the Teams Admin Center.


Assuming you purchased the PC as part of a standard Teams Room package, it may have software to update its own drivers and firmware pre-installed. Or the vendor may publish drivers and firmware to Windows Update. Either way, you can verify this yourself by connecting a mouse and keyboard and choosing Settings > Go to Windows from the connected touch screen. 

Many thanks. I'll check this out.
Hi Simon, the Windows IoT device will get it's updates from Windows Update (and the updates allowed for MTRs). The devices connected to the Dell device will also get it's updates from Windows Updates as long as they are Windows certified. The Microsoft Teams Room App will get its updates from the Windows Store. There is a nightly script to check for updates at 2am each night.

Teams Admin Center will only monitor the devices to ensure it's online, signed in and everything connected. Teams Room Premium service will do all of that and they will also manage the devices connected and ensure all are up to date.
How different is it for Teams Rooms on Android? how later would the vendor publish the firmware update and drivers to match the latest version for MTR Android.