FireFox upload problem

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I've been using FireFox successfully with Teams for a while now but in the last week or so uploading files became an issue.


Uploads begin and progress bar moves to about a third and then just hangs and doesn't complete.


I've been trying to find a fix, and wondering if it was a file limit issue with shared spaces or onedrive but couldn't find and answer.


Just discovered that using Chrome browser this isn't an issue so problem seems to be specific to FireFox browser only.

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Ey Roy,
Can you please open a support ticket and share Ticked ID here? Another question: Did you try to work with Teams using FireFox but on another PC?

Hi Juan,
I'm unsure where to actually open a support ticket, any ideas?
I've not tried using FireFox on another PC. I'll give that a go and report back.
You have to open a support ticket from the Admin Portal...if you are not admin in your Office 365 subscription, you will have to ask to your Office 365 Admin

Thanks Juan,

Ticket #10789285

Tried recommendation of using browser on different PC and same issue. I'll keep this updated on any resolution.


A quick response from MS support and it appears the issue is unique to upload from computer only. Sharing from a OneDrive account works fine so at least there's a work around.


"Me too".  The issue only occurs in Firefox.  I've reproduced it on Windows 10 1803 and Windows Server 2016, so it's not specific to Linux.