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I am currently working from home in the UK, as I know most other people are too.  I am using Teams to upload work for my Primary class to access.  Each time they log in to the files section the message comes up 'Something went wrong, please try again or refresh the page.' Is this due to the high usage at home?  Outwith school hours you can get on no problem.  Help! 

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Hi @gillian2020 

Is it Free Microsoft Teams Services or Office365 version of Microsoft Team.

In case this is Office 365 version of Microsoft Teams then you should check in case you have the SharePoint Online Licenses assigned to your account. 

In case of Free version of Microsoft Teams Services then check if you have any specific storage account associated with your account.


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We have the same problem with a free account OFFICE 365 A1. We registered our school, followed the steps to register the domain, created the email addresses for each teacher and assigned licenses implicitly for each teacher.

Problem 1. I logged in as an administrator (Google Chrome) to configure OneDrive, the following message appears: `` We're still working on getting files setup on OneDrive This should take us a few minutes``)
Another error appears on, after I logged in: ``Something went wrong! Cannot read property "toString" of undefined``
Problem 2. Entering Microsoft Teams - Teams_group, because OneDrive is not configured, I cannot send files or edit. (attached MT - setting up ...) or when I want to send a file via CHAT I get the error that I did not assign the license to use OneDrive for Business - although I assigned them when I created the accounts by default. (attached - MT - CHAT).

I found some links Office2016ITPro

Is related our problem with to current issues with SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or Exchange Online ?(accessed - ServiceHealth)

Thank you.

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Hi @adirusf 


To get this provisioned quickly can you please open a ticket with Microsoft Office Support Team. From the Office 365 Portal > Support > New Service Request.


Mention the issue and also attach the screenshot to the same. This is majorly happening due to the additional workload on the provisioning for the Tenant and the user account. Once you open a ticket you should be able to get this provision earliest for the services.


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