Files missing in 1:1 or Groupchats



does anybody have the problem that files are missing/not displayed in the Files Tab under 1:1 chats or groupchats.


We have the following issues here:


  • Files disappear/missing under the Files Tab, if you click the reload icon the eventually come up, if you click again they are normally gone. 
  • All files are accessible under the Chat tab and correctly shared
  • All files are correctly places in the Teams Chat-Files Folder etc. 

We have this with nearly every users but it is hard to reproduce because sometimes the display is correct and sometimes not. 





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Yes, I’ve seen this a few times lately! Seems to be a bug! I’ll make sure to report this to the teams team. Please report this via Help -> Feedback


@adam deltinger 

thx for your reply ... really appreciate it. 


I have reported it to MS and now also via the feedback button. So Teams Team if you want some logs just contact me. 






To solve this issue requires SharePoint and OneDrive to allow for Anyone and links to be set with Anyone with a link.

I think this broke when the following feature was implemented.

FEATURE - Create a file request - OneDrive (work or school) (

On our TEST system we fixed this but we prefer the higher security for now on our Production cloud.

I just wanted people to know what fixes this issue.




Since this is an insecure 'fix' I'd prefer to call it a 'work-around' and we should press for a proper fix.
Hi, obviously the above has nothing to do with this issue even though it seems to have made those files re-appear (most likely because of other reasons). It would be mad to put the settings to Anyone-links as a potential workaround.

I suggest you sign out of Teams desktop app manually and then "Quit" and then sign back in. Those two steps will release a lot of cache and refresh settings. If using teams on the web, clear your browser too. You can always verify your files presence by going to "Open in SharePoint" from within Teams.

If still an issue, report it as mentioned above and also create an official support ticket with Microsoft. If you're not an admin that can be done from the M365 admin center by that person.