Files in MS Teams does not show contents

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Hello Team Mates,
I have MS Teams Android Application. It has strange issue, I can not see the File contents under tab " Files". Surprisingly it initially display the files however in a fraction of second it disappears with blank screen having message of " you can share content here". Screenshot of before after is enclosed.

Informatively, if I check same from laptop based application, it shows correctly

I hv updated my android as well as Teams still issue not resolved. Kindly help.

Ajay K
Mumbai, India.
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Dear Admin, the class material folder is not accessible on Android devices. It's visible only for a fraction of seconds then it's disappears. Please help to resolve this at the earliest. Thanks!
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@AndroidPG @ajaykhopikar  There is a Uservoice entry that was submitted on this topic in April.  Please vote on it so it gets attention if you want this fix.  Thank you.



The problem is not yet resolved. Kindly help.