Files in channel for guest user disappears


Users in organization A are guest/member of an o365 Group in organization B. User A opens organization B in the teams app on a Mac to access the team(where user A is guest). Then navigates to the selected channel and clicks "files" tab. 


For a second files appear in the channel but disappears. - Files disappears, and messages occur: 



"Cannot load the files, let's try again" (appears in the top right corner)



They see the folder/channel name but following message in the "files area" is displayed:


"This item might not exist or is no longer available"

Exception of type



It is interesting to mention that opening the channel in sharepointOnline and accessing the files/folders from the web-browser works!

Also worth mention that other guest users from other organizations can see the files in the channel. Its apparently only the users from org A.



Hope someone knows how to fix this or knows what might be the problem.




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Hi @-Riise-  ,

I seem to be having the same issue, did you resolve your issue?



I had a similar issue, but it fixed now.
Since this is permission issue, you may want to signout from teams.

if this doesn't fix, reinstall teams and make sure signout app.