Files for meetings vs channels

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I am able to share files in Teams channels that we can look at and collaborate on. I have tried to do the same thing for a Teams Meeting, without success. Someone else created the meeting invite. I dragged and dropped a word document into the 'files' section. It shows up in the meeting chat, but not in the files section. I then used the 'share' option in the files tab and uploaded the file that way, and again, it shows in the chat , but not in the files. I see a message in the files tab that reads 'Work together on shared files. When new files are added to the conversation, you'll find them here'. How do I get my files into this tab so people can review and edit 

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I’ve seen this a lot recently! It seems to be a bug that files don’t show! Sometimes it seems they do if you refresh etc! Since the file is in your OneDrive you can share the link to it directly from there so they get it by mail.
I’ve raised this with Microsoft but please send feedback about it via the client (Help->Feedback)