Files Are Not Appearing in File Folder on the Teams Desktop App

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When I go on to the Teams Desktop app and select "Files", in any of the channels, the little purple appears and begins to spin, but no files appear. Has anyone experienced that before? If so, how did you fix it? We've tried utilizing the "Document Library" app, but that is just a bandaid.


Thank you for your help! 

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Ok! Some questions for you:

What happens in the web client??

Can any other member access the files tab in that team?

Tried to log out of teams fully and log in again?

Does this happen in one team only or every team?


@Tommy_Bellcan you check the SharePoint sectoin if you could see the files there or not?

@adam deltinger thanks for the quick response. 


What happens in the web client??
Same thing. The purple circle keeps on spinning with no result.

Can any other member access the files tab in that team?

Tried to log out of teams fully and log in again?
Yes and doesn't work. I've even tried uninstalling then reinstalling the desktop app.

Does this happen in one team only or every team?

It has happened to several teams, but not all. There isn't really any commonalities between the teams that have their files showing and the teams that don't. 


@PDostiyar Do you mean 'can I see the files when I go onto SharePoint'? If so, yes. I can go onto SharePoint and find the files with no problem - the problem only occurs when I try to go through Teams to get the files. 

I would definetely create a ticket with Microsoft for this one!

If so, keep us posted!


@Tommy_Bellyes i am talking about that section, and to easily resolved this i had this same issues with 3 different countries new office 365 groups i created some how the SharePoint section or as you mention Files tab was not working and giving me error while online in the SharePoint it was working fine, so i have to deleted that office 365 group and waited for 1-2 hours and recreated and all works fine, but remember to see if you have data you need to backup that in my case i did not had any data so deleting office 365 group was an easy fix and why waiting for an 1 or 2 since wanted to sync fully and it can delete its SharePoint, Teams, Planner, and Streams as all associated with the same office 365 groups and to repeart i have done it 3 times in different locations with same Tanent.

Hi, was there a fix for this, other than deleting the whole Group?

@Tommy_Bell was there any resolution to that issue? I am experiencing something similar but with a particular group chat rather than a Team itself.

@Tommy_Bell - I just posted the same problem and figured it out myself.  Yesterday in Sharepoint I cleaned up the files and folders.  I decided to save a click every time the user accesses by moving the folders out of the "General" folder and straight off the "root" folder "Documents". 


Team (web client and app) can only show files, folders and sub-folders in the "General" folder, so Teams appeared empty.


In Sharepoint I returned the files to "General" and all is well again.  :)

This fixed my issue and answered the question of "Why?"

@Tommy_Bell For me, I had this problem too.

There were 2 'Owners' and 1 member (me) in a channel. In order to fix it, I used the global admin account I have access to, went to teams admin and found the group/channel and made myself an owner.


After I did this, my team channel files just started working, nothing else done. Changed myself back to a 'member' and it still works. No idea why. Good news is it works!

Many members are complaining that when they open the files tab, they can view the folders for a split second and then all folders vanish. Hence, they cannot access any files shared.
I have changed the access of files to "Can View" for the members and "Can edit" for the owners. Please help!

@LWCCyork I am having the issue you described with Chat.  You can drop a file in the chat and even upload it to files.  They don't show up in Files immediately.  One chat, they showed up the next day.  Any ideas?

I am having a similar issue.  Teams opens and material in my other tabs is there but no files.  I don't even get the spinning circle to tell me it is thinking.  I can open Teams on my tablet and see the files, but I really need them on my computer.

I had this problem just now with a coworker.

Here's the fix I found.

1. Veryfing that the files are shown properly via Webapp.

2. Closing Teams Desktop.
3. Deleting all the files inside this folder (C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams).

4. Launching Teams Desktop again.


Check if the files are showing again. It should take a while. 

If not, try the expand button on the top and right side of the window.



Thank you, this resolved the issue for me. Also note, I had to close outlook as well since it integrates with Teams.

is it safe? i have alll my classes there and take my tests, will this delete my classes?