File sharing in chat with external users

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I am trying to get some clarity on sharing files in chat with external users. Can you do this or not?  I am confused even more by the chat window. On the default window I can't add an attachment but if I pop out the chat I can. We want to be able to do this.




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Mmmmmm, not sure about why it is only present when popping out chat. Will have to have a play and see if I can reproduce.

But basically in a working scenario, it makes use of your OneDrive for Business when dealing with files in the context of Chat, so that is requirement number 1.

Then if for example you upload a file from your machine, it should upload to your OneDrive for Business and share with chat recipients all in one fell swoop.

Out of interest does it actually fully work in the pop out chat. As with that being newer functionality I wonder if it is showing but not functional.


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It's a bug, the ability is there, and it uploads to OneDrive and Shares via a Anyone sharing link as it should, but the external user cannot download or access the document unless they right click it and choose "Open online", then it will utilize the sharing link and they will be able to access the file that way, but download / copy link are broken.

So technically it half works, but not as it should as I don't think it was fully intended to be there.
Stumbled across this one I thought I might add that for unauthenticated sharing to work, it must also be enabled for the organization and for the site/team. So the sharing is not really "federated/external access" when using the anyone links.