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When I copy Excel files from one team to another, and someone modified the first one, the second one won't automatically update. Is there a way to have the same file in two different teams automatically updated when the same document is modified within one team?

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@Zahav2335 if you open the document in Teams then go to the File tab inside the document -> Share -> Share with people., then copy and paste that link in the other chat you will have the same document shared between the two chats. You can also go into the Files tab in Teams, find the file you want shared, click the three dots on the right, copy the link, and then share it in the other chat.

Thanks for your input, but the suggestion to copy and paste the link doesn't work on files tab, only on chat, and I want to share it with other files tab team members, not on chat.
If you provide them the link in chat and they open it, it should populate the files tab with that shared file.
If I want to add it as a file to the files tab without provide the link in chat , can I do it so that when the same document is modified within one team its updated in the other team?
I do not personally know of a way to do that.
Thank you