[Feature Suggestion] Force User Information Update

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Per https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/troubleshoot/teams-administration/user-information-n...,it can take anywhere between 3 and 28 days for something like a user's phone number to update. Outlook desktop and Teams on the Web showed the latest information but not Teams desktop (5 days after the update). The only way I could see the changes was to sign out and back in.


  • There should be a function to force general user information update
  • Even better, general user information should update more quickly. The doc states it's for "performance" reasons; however, this user information is so small. There cannot be any discernable gain in comparison to the confusion it creates for the user. I cannot trust the information I see in Teams is accurate.

(This was reported here since the Help > Suggest a feature button redirects to the deprecated UserVoice page, and because Office 365 Support says this is the right place.)

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@TylerMontney Excellent feedback, glad you found out the workaround I was going to suggest (sign out). UserVoice is temporarily down. Let us try and ping @ThereseSolimeno for an update on that perhaps.

@ChristianJBergstrom @TylerMontney   As of this morning, Uservoice is back online.