Feature Suggestion: Disable incoming video for a single user in a meeting


I think it would be a great feature to be able to disable incoming video for a SINGLE user. The ability to turn off all incoming video for participants is great, but sometimes you really just want that one person's face off your screen for whatever reason.


Is this something that could be explored?




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I can see this being misused, the option today is to limit everyone and then approve some. But I see your point, it's useful if this was an optional feature for the meeting or just owner and presenters had that option.



My logic is just controlled locally for the local teams session, yes occasionally could be a group setting in conference rooms and such, but is generally isolated to personal experience.


Possible scenarios:

-Inappropriate video

-Personally offensive or uncomfortable (lots of sub scenarios here)

-Group settings with video accidents and need someone off screen


 Plenty more, just a quick phone response here.

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If you would like to suggest a new feature, feel free to make that suggestion here. Thank you!



Has this feature been disabled? In the past I was able to disable incoming video, this is essential to save bandwidth, and also stop my PC from overheating. I can no longer disable. Is this gone?

I also see this feature is disabled. I use the web version nearly exclusively and I could always go to the Settings and disable incoming video. This made a huge difference on my bandwidth. Is this feature permanently gone or just relocated somewhere?
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