Feature Request: Turn off team mentions per team

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There are a few teams that I want to say joined to, but I don't want to receive their notifications unless I am specifically mentioned or a channel which I turned on notifications is mentioned.  I don't see a way to do that.  It would be nice if there was a way.  It seems I can only turn off All team mentions, but I I have several teams I want to be notified on team mentions.

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For a particular Team you have the option channel by channel to customize how do you want to get notified...then you also have the option in the settings menu in the Teams client to customize what notifications you want to receive

@Juan Carlos González Martín I have tons of teams with tons of channels.  I'm looking for a way to say, if someone mentions team "ABC", I don't want to get notified.  The only control I have for team mentions is to stop them across the board.

Seems like this is still an issue nearly 2 years later. I found your post researching the same problem.