Feature Request: Shut off someone else's video

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Given we can mute others, supplant an ongoing presentation with our own, and kick each other out, why can't we stop someone else's video sharing? The only case where this is going to happen is when (and I've seen it) someone is sharing an embarrassing video feed. Let's look out for each other here. Let us shut off someone else's in-car, or in restroom, video.

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Already available.

Ability to disable and enable a single attendee's video in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Ability to disable and enable video for all attendee's before, or during, a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Manage attendee audio and video permissions in Teams meetings.



The first two links don't work.  The pages have no content.  The last link is about completely disabling or enabling mic and camera, which is not the request.


For microphone, I can mute someone without removing their ability to unmute again.  For video, we want the ability to turn off their camera without removing their ability to turn it back on again.