Feature Request: separate meeting chats from private ones

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Currently it is extremely difficult to navigate through all my chats when all of them are in the same place: to keep track of private ones or find an old chat from past meeting as all of them are mixed together.


Asimple solution would be to create a separate category on navigation panel (the one to the left with Activity, Chats, Teams, etc.).


Is there a possibility to fix this anytime soon?

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Hi, can't find the feature in the list, is it released now ? How to activate it ? My "conversation" tab is miles long and a mess to find one in.


I see a filter in Mac but it's not the best way to implement it.

i would prefer separating/grouping meeting chats and private chats, not hiding/filtering.


I am also looking for a similar solution


Due to chats of meeting invites it is very crowded and personal messages from individual person is getting missed ...

Pls suggest if anyone has found any solution for it

chat filters is nice, but a separate category as suggested would be better IMHO - the chat filter doesn't stick if you change category; even if it did, a different category would make it simpler to switch between the two and notice new chats in either one
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