[Feature Request] Personally Mute Participant in Teams Meeting

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Dear Microsoft Teams Team,

I'd like to make a Feature Request in order to solve an annoying problem. We'd like to be able to mute individual participants only for ourselves (and not for everyone as implemented so far).

When participating a Teams Meeting with multiple participants, we have had the issue that we cannot mute participants only for ourselves.

The use case would be if you sit with some of the participants in the same room, then you would hear them in person and over your headphones at the same time which is very annoying!


I'm looking forward to hearing back from you!

Kind regards,



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For feature requests please use the Microsoft Teams user voice! Search for this request and vote for it, or create a new one! The Teams team will make notice of user voices reaching a certain amount of votes!





@lukas235 Good idea, is this already implemented?