Feature request: more notification management options

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You should be allowed to determine whether you want
  • each channel,
  • each team, and
  • each chat

to trigger a notification and what type.

As well as determine whether the there's an aggregate red channel or chat indicator.

As many teams, channels, and persistent chats fire up, the notifications are maddening. You run around trying to find where all the indicators are coming from just to clear them out.
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Hello Chris,

You can disable notifications for each channel, https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/manage-notifications-in-teams-1cc31834-5fe5-412b-8edb-43f...

If that is not enough, I think the best would be to submit the feedback here


There, your ideas can receive votes and be considered by the product team
Hi Andres,
Will Customize channel notifications change for group members or just for me?
Hello! Just for you