Feature Request: Make the current day in Teams calendar visibily stand out

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The current day in the calendar needs to visibly stand out among the other days. Like change its background color or something. I joined a wrong meeting  today because I wasn't paying enough attention to where I clicked. I see the day number is a little bolder. There needs to be more visible cues to what day in the calendar is today's date. At least in Outlook's calendar the column bar's background is darker and the text color is revered. Do something similar.

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It is a different column colour, and the time marker is solid. Screenshot 2020-10-08 201511.png 

@Steven Collier Some of us don't have very good eyesight. The difference between white and very light gray is not enough contrast. So the red line crosses all the days and it's thicker for today. Why not just have the line for today only like Google Calendar does. The day mark in Google has a bold circle for today. There's a bold bar on top of today with reminder count. A bunch of bold markers in Google. You can't miss the day unlike Teams. 

I opened Teams Calendar and a meeting in dark purple background color showing. I thought that meant the upcoming meeting and I clicked on it. Wrong meeting and on the wrong day.  It was for yesterday. I was wondering why no one is joining. This is wrong and buggy. Teams Calendar needs more work.



The time bar extends with a dashed line to the left so you can see where it meets the time axis. The date for the current day is also in bold and Purple rather than grey.


By all means suggest your idea at, and if it gets significant support the developers will review it.