Feature Request in MS Teams: "brb" Button

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I would like to see a "Be right back" button in MS Teams to indicate short absences from the PC during meetings (same functionality as /brb in the command box or clicking the current status from my profile picture and selecting "Be right back").




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What I'd like to see is a feature to indicate "be right back" during meetings. A status that can be clicked on and then off when a meeting participant temporarily is away from their desk. Typing "brb" and "back" into the meeting chat is not optimal.
In meetings, participants may "raise their hand" which provides a little hand up icon and bumps them to the top of the list, which is great. The "be right back" might put a little clock and away symbol on their profile and bump them to the bottom of the list, similar to that.
Would be very useful. And that your avatar/pic gets adorned with something so everyone can easily see it. Now people chat brb and back. Just noise in the chat flow.
Adding to this, that I think that this would be very useful. Maybe also add a button that the moderator (or anyone) can click to show a list of who is on brb, especially for meetings that have a large number of attendees so you can't see everyone on the list or long meetings where a break might be called. It will tell the moderator who isn't back yet which will tell them if it's ok to get started again.

Lots of good ideas here, but Microsoft aren't likely to see them in this forum. Please share your ideas using




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