Feature Request - Embed Outlook in Teams

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As an independent consultant I have several online identities relating to my clients and am looking forward to the planned upgrade to enable Teams to be logged into multiple accounts simultaneously. An additional feature which would be extremely useful would be to embed Outlook into the Teams environment so users such as I would not have to switch between the apps and would not risk sending emails to client from the wrong account!

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Interesting request. I would recommend you to post this piece of feedback in the Feedback Portal: https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/forum/ad198462-1c1c-ec11-b6e7-0022481f8472
outlook is different from excel,ppt,word, which I don't think it needs collaboration

and in my exp, it will be my last choice as it runs slow(of cause, is a online file with not fully function app, it should be slow; but I also don't think put whole office package to Teams is a good idea)