[Feature Request] All Emoji for Reaction / Sentiment to a post

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Right now, there are only 6 emoji (like, heart, laugh, surprise, sad, and angry) available for reaction or sentiment on another person's post or chat. It would be great if you could choose any emoji you wanted from the latest standard unicode emoji list.

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@ChristianBergstrom Cool, but that post talks about being able to add custom emoji like Slack does. I'm just saying to make whatever the current the emoji list available. No need to add "custom" emoji in my opinion.



The links above now get redirected to some other domain.  Is there any progress here or an updated link to vote for/keep an eye on?


This seems like a pretty basic feature.  My group is switching from Slack to Teams and when I saw only 6 were supported I thought maybe we're switching to a product that doesn't have many resources allocated to its development.

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