Feature for notifying screen share is working


Not sure if this is the right board for feature requests, but a notification for meeting attendees to use when screenshare is not working or to notify when they can see the screen would be great to eliminate the "Let me know if you can see my screen" question that all screen share sessions seem to start with.

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Hi @loganlasiter,


You can use the Microsoft Teams feedback portal that can be found via: https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/forum/ad198462-1c1c-ec11-b6e7-0022481f8472 


what I normally do, when presenting and sharing screen/app/PowerPoint, is just mentioning that I’m about to share something, and if someone can’t see they will just raise hands and let me know :grinning_face: 

via this way I prevent the awkward sentence “can everyone see my screen”… 


let me know if this helps, and if so, please mark this as answer.


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