Fast User switching between Orgs (Tenant)

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What happened here? 

"One of the biggest challenges with Teams today is that if you are part of multiple tenants, switching between them is a logistical nightmare. More than three years after its release, Microsoft is about ready to ship an update that will make this process significantly easier for desktop users (see update at the bottom of this post)."

Has this been buried with the end of uservoivc? It was a very popular request.

It looks like it is crippled down to just add a "personal account". (Feature ID 68845)


I could find no news on adding other orgs (tenants) to the Teams desktop. As a consultant it is only not amusing not been able to switch between own org/ tenant and customer A and maybe customer B and so on.

Any updates here, or have we to live with these “unofficial” not supported multi Teams desktop solutions like this one? How to run multiple Teams Desktop clients? - YouTube 

To my amazement, it was once possible for me to add another org / tenant for a short time and I could also switch to this tenant, but could not go back. I had to log out and then the additional tenant disappeared again.
I think Microsoft has been working on this feature, but somehow it has become very quiet now to this feature request. It would be really great if someone from Microsoft could give some information here.
May I'm be able to find the screenshot from earlier this year again. :grinning_face_with_sweat:
Maybe I'm too stupid .🤪 to search the internet in the right way to find this feature, then I apologize and would be grateful for a link.


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Don't know where to start here really! You're right, multi-account and multi-tenant is a mess in teams. (but tenant switching in iOS works great). The additional account you are referring to was a personal account addition and not an additional work/school as one would like. So basically what people are doing is using the desktop app with InPrivate and Incognito browser sessions to not get stuck in the desktop app while trying to either tenant-switch or the hassle to sign out and in with another work account. "Teams 2.0" is on it's way and the personal version already in Win11, but the enterprise version will take some time as far as I understand. Oh, and by the way. UserVoice for Teams is still there and will be transferred to other format.
Thanks Christian, for your answer. So at least we should have hope. :grinning_face_with_sweat:
I will try Teams on iOS. The flip side is, my environment around the iPad isn’t as comfortable as my PC setup with professional microphone and studio monitors and I don’t like long Teams session with ears covered.
Yes you are right, the browser is an option. I rather like to use different user profiles in Edge then the InPrivate mode.
I can't echo the need for this enough. Our company works across several enterprises using Microsoft Teams, and the pain of having to sign-out and sign in each time I have a meeting with a different client, especially when two-factor is involved takes forever. This is a HUGE shortcoming of the application.