Failed to execute Templates backend request in Powershell in Teams Module 2.5.0

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After updating my Teams module in Powershell to 2.5.0 I am now unable to create a Edu_Class Team.


New-Team : Error occurred while executing
Code: BadRequest
Message: Failed to execute Templates backend request CreateTeamFromTemplateRequest. Request Url:, Request Method: POST, Response Status
Code: BadRequest, Response Headers: Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=2592000

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Hello, your post suggest that you could do this before 2.5.0 correct? I am not a Teams Edu admin but I replicated your error. It seems as if the creation "New" want the 'Visibility' specified, but you cannot specify that to a Edu Class team according to the error message.

You should open up a support ticket and while you're doing that revert to the previous module.
Yes, this was working before 2.5.0. I will open a support ticket and revert back to the previous module in the mean time. Thank you!
Hello, is there Any update ? i'm facing the same issue running Version 2.3.1
Thank You