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We have a very small team.  I happen to love teams and want people to use it more, but I am having a difficult time.  One of those points is with meetings.  When we meet for the most part we meet in person.  I schedule the meeting in teams.  Does anyone else use teams for meeting where attendees are for the most part there. 


The reason I ask is I would like to somehow record the meeting, so we can have them more regular and people who are unable to be at the meeting can still review what was gone over. 


It may be that I just send out notes to the staff, but there are other reasons I want to get people used to and using teams.  For example, the passing of data from one team member to the next between days and time off. 


I hate email, much prefer teams because things are way more open and discoverable.  Trying to really work on how to get people to adopt in such a small team.

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Recording meetings (including the audio, video and all screen sharing activities) is absolutely possible - see

@Jeff Williams 


As @Rob Ellis has said, you can record meetings in Teams. It is recorded and stored in Microsoft Stream by the user doing the recording. You can then share the recording with the Team via Microsoft Stream - either by allowing all users within the organisation to view the video or a group. You can listen to the recording through Stream, through the Stream mobile App - you can even create a Stream channel and then link the Channel to Microsoft Teams so they can be easily accessed via Teams.


In our organisation we use Teams even when users are in the building. This is because many people - myself included - like to work whilst the meeting is ongoing and it's much harder to do this being in the same room. Also, we like to give people the choice whether to be there or not as some people are simply more comfortable at their desk rather than being in the meeting room. In addition, using Teams means users - if there are not there - can listen to the meeting on demand. Sometimes, people have more urgent things to do or change plans suddenly and - like me personally - I like to do this when I have time as opposed to things being at set times. 


Overall, for our organisation, it is working out, productivity has increased and people are generally happier


Hope that helps to answer your question!


Best, Chris

If you do this just be sure only one mic is hot at a time, or dial in from a conference phone. Otherwise you are going to get some wicked echo.
Create a meeting, but don't put a room. Tell people to join in Teams. If you have to have it in a room, then invest in a Teams Room setup, or some form of AV equipment where you can patch into a room camera and then join your machine to it or call in as others have said (Audio conferencing license required for meeting creator).

But If you know you have people outside the group that need to see it, just force the hand that the meeting takes place online.

 @Jeff Williams  @Chris Webb is spot on force their hand to attend the meeting online.   We recently completed our Teams pilot testing with staff and we made sure all of our meetings were done through Teams.  We had 15 ppl in our pilot and trying to find a room large enough that was available when everyone else was available was impossible.   This also allowed us to experience and test the Teams meeting functions.


We have started recording our meetings and its very helpful for those meetings requiring minutes to be taken.  The notetaker can go back and review the video and clean up their notes.  And by having captions turned on its even easier.  

Thanks. I don’t know that we are able to do that. It’s a restaurant so for those that are in the building then we really have no choice but to sit together.

But half the staff isn’t there at that time. Which was why I would like to record.

Add to that we are a non profit. Could be cool to include the board, other program teams and/or volunteers.

Just haven’t figured somthing out that works for the 4 ppl in the building at the time of meeting.

Anyway, just making meeting notes and making those available might be the best. Just was hoping for somthing more engaging.
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@Jeff Williams Here is another thought.   You have the 4 ppl who are onsite attend the meeting and you record that meeting, maybe just audio but you could do video as well if needed.  Now anyone who was invited to the meeting but didn't attend should be able to see the finished recording within the chat area for that meeting.  The meeting chat should show up within the chat area of Teams.   You could also get a link to that recorded video and share it with the attendees.  I believe by default if someone is invited then they have access to that video by default within Stream.  And the stats on Stream would also indicate the number of people actually viewing the recording once posted.  I'm not 100% sure this answers your questions or not, but wanted to throw that out there.  

If the whole Team is on a Team inside of Teams (wow.....). Then just make use of the "Meet Now" functionality of the Team when the meeting happens. Get you a decent Microphone that is made for conference rooms, they aren't too expensive, and if you have too, you can get a camera at the end of the table. Do "Meet Now", and make sure you hit record and it will record the meeting after you are done and then they can watch it right there on the chat thread it creates wth link to the recording, then others can reply to the thread and ya'll can chat about it after the fact as well.

@Tom RobeyThanks.  I think this is ideal. Marked it as best answer because this was my thinking on it as well.  I think the problem I have is just in the logistics of doing the recording so the group I have at the table can be included (seen/heard/etc.) in the recording.  Don't really have the ability to do a conference room recording setup. 


Anyway, I think in general this is the answer.

@Chris Webbmaybe I will look for a microphone that might work.  But for the most part yes most the team is sitting around a table.

I've done quite a few room recordings with this.

has a 360 pickup mode, small and portable, i bought a stand for it, but you could get by clipping it on something.
Or you can go a little more expensive and get a speakerphone style if someone needed to call in.

@Jeff Williams  @Chris Webb  has some good suggestions for microphone.  But also, you have the ability to record using Teams on you mobile device too.   So you could always Bluetooth to a portable speaker that also has a mic.   That would allow you to move the phone to an area where the camera would pick up everyone in the room.  

@Tom Robey @Chris Webb Thanks for the info and suggestions.  I will have a look at those things and see if I am able to get something functional.

@Chris WebbThis looks great.  Could be a real option.  even if it is just this device and my laptop recording me.