Extremely annoying window sizing bug on Mac OS

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I have a bug I can reproduce on multiple machines, and it is driving me absolutely insane. Teams refuses to stay as a smaller window. I have a 32" 4k monitor, so I obviously don't run things full screen. I open Teams, I size the window the the size I want, and it's supposed to stay there. That's how every Mac app has worked for years. That's how Teams worked until recently. But for some reason, that's not what happens now. After closing the app window (keeping it running or not) when I click the icon in my dock to re-open it, it goes full screen. So I get a message in Teams, I click the icon, it goes full screen. I resize, finish what I'm doing and close it. Next message, same thing. I get 50-100 messages a day... this is unusable right now.

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I can't be the only user on a Mac. Come on.

@HotcakesAndy Yes! We're seeing this on a number of computers at work! We've tried everything we can find online about it - there was a solution to a similar issue a few years ago, but nothing recent. D:

Phew, thanks. I thought I was losing my mind. :) Now hopefully they can fix this bug or someone can suggest a workaround... this is driving me insane. I would honestly stop using it if I could but my managers insist on using Teams instead of Slack.
FYI: They issued an update that fixed this issue. I wish they had some kind of indication when updates happen, not just update silently in the background, but whatever.

This is still a problem on the latest version

Workaround: Use minimize instead of close to retain window size on Mac.

Hi @HotcakesAndy Have you reported the bug through the app or on the Uservoice feedback forum?  Engineering really does look at those reports.

This has been a constant bug bear of mine using Teams on MacOS (among a few).
Every time I join a new call (which is almost every half hour in my role as a tech lead through remote lockdown working), I have to resize and reposition the video call window to fit my preference, typically the top-right quarter of my 27" 4K screen, directly beneath my external webcam. If there's no desire to build this natively, I might have to look at some macOS hacks that might remember my settings but it would be nice to get some official response.
I am also facing the same issue
I am also facing the same.