Extract direct messages in Teams

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Good morning all,


I used the Compliance Contentsearch to extract my 1:1 chats in Teams for a research project. However, since the change to the new admin center, I can’t figure out how to repeat this step.


The output should be a list containing Sender, Recipient, Date & Time, where I’m either the sender or the recipient of a message in Teams for a specific timeframe (e.g., one week). I would use the message trace in outlook (Admin Exchange) for mails, which works fine.


I appreciate your help!



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Hello, you should be good by using "Type" and then "Instant Message" when specifying the search conditions.
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The UI of the admin portal was changed but the Content Search still the same. if you go to this portal and select "+New search" you will notice the Search query page matches the one in the old Security & Compliance center (see attached image, might need to download if preview doesn't work).