External presenter can't join live-event after it started?

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Is this a bug or a known problem?

A collegue of mine was invited to give a presentation on a project in a different Tenant (Let's call it Organisation B). 

The live-event was hosted by Organisation B, the organisation had multiple presenters each giving a presenation every 30 minutes. My collegue was second in line to give a presentation, when she wanted to join the live-event 5-10minutes before it was her turn. The connection kept failing, giving an error after 1-2minutes saying she couldn't make connection.


Since we also host live-events regularly, I wanted to make sure what the cause of this problem would be. 


If it isn't possible (as a presenter) to join after the live-event started, why isn't it?


Thanks in advance for any replies!


*Since this wasn't on my computer and the live-event is already over, I can't share any screenshots.* 

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@wo_kn Hi, as far as I know that shouldn't be any problem (at least I haven't heard about it before). What about taking a closer look at the user experiencing this as you mentioned connection problems. Maybe there's a network, location or computer issue causing the issue. I mean, does it happen regularly or only on this particular occasion?


I am attaching the recommended procedure in case you're interested.


For a guest to present in a live event, do the following:

  1. Add the user as a guest to a team.
  2. Have the user accept the guest invitation and join the team.
  3. Schedule the live event and add the guest to your event group.

"As a best practice, we recommend that you create a channel for producers and presenters of the live event so they can chat and share information before the event. Guests who don't have Microsoft 365 credentials won't see the Calendar in Teams. To make it easy for them to join the event, producers can post the event link to the channel. Presenters can then open Teams, go to the channel, and then click the link to join the event."



Thank you for your reply!

The live-event which was hosted by the above-mentioned 'organisation B', wasn't created in a Team. This was created by the button in the calendar. Since not only my collegue had a problem joining the live-event but also another external presenter, it seems most unlikely this was due to network/computer/ location problem.

I'll be at the office tomorrow and will try recreating this problem with a second computer and keep you up to date.


As far as I know, an external presenter doesn't have to be a guest in the hosting-tenant to be able to present in a live-event. We hosted multiple live-events without adding the external presenters as guest in our Tenant.


Thanks in advance.


@wo_kn Well, to be fair you didn't provide all that info in your first post. As for the "recommended procedure" it was just a copy/paste from the MS docs with the quoted text. Anyway, hope you get it sorted and feel free to update this conversation when you know more about it.



So I just tested all morning with a second computer. I used 2 external e-mails (both Microsoft Accounts) to get them as a presenter in the live-event. (Atleast so I hoped)

I created a live-event from my calendar in the Teams-app. I invited both e-mails (I added one of those in a Team to have it as guest our the tenant) 

When trying to open the invites as presenter, every attempt on both MS accounts at opening the invites failed. I've tried log in in to the Teams-app first, log in after,... The only thing which worked is to just view the live-event as a participant.

I guess this doesn't work because those accounts don't own a license to present/ produce a live event?


After this I tried inviting an account which is in our Tenant to make it join after the live-event has started, this didn't seem to give any problems as I could just join. 


I don't own an account which has the license to either present or produce live events which also is outside of our tenant. 





@wo_kn Hi, and thanks for the update. I think it's better if I just direct you to this conversation as I believe it will answer your additional questions https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams/guest-presenter-in-live-meetings/m-p/1274601