External organisation doesn't have access to Teams team


I made a Teams teams for both internal people and a few people from other organisations. One of the latter has trouble getting access. She did get the invitation mail, but clicking on the link resulted in the screenshot attached. It says Cannot find the team

Since it did work for other organisations, my guess was that the settings of this organisation wouldn't allow any invitation from outside. But that appeared not to be the case.


What else can I do to get her on the Teams team?

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If it's an external user (guest user) that person has to switch to your organization from the top right corner in Teams to access the team.

@ChristianJBergstrom Tack.

Yes, I know, I tried explaining to her how to use two Teams environments at the same time (one in the application, one in the browser), but I'll try again :cool:

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That just doesn't work: there is also a red triangle visible at this particular Teams group - see screenshot. It can't however be opened. It really is very odd.


I've come a bit further. When she switches to my organisation (Woonwaard) to access the team, she gets this screen. My organisation just isn't there to choose from in the next screen!

Possibly something can be deduced from what it says in the address bar.

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Have her try with the desktop app or using an InPrivate browser session. If that doesn't work, delete the guest account in Azure AD (and in Azure AD deleted accounts) and reinvite her from the Teams team.

I deleted the guest in AAD in order to add her again, and this is what happens. Something went wrong. Please try again. :weary_face: